About Boris Luzin

He was born in Kazakhstan. Studied in Kazakhstan and Russia. Sharpens his business and creates working positions in both countries.

He graduated from Issovsky geological prospecting technical college in N.Tura.

Boris is a graduate student of Sverdlovsk Mining Institute and of a special faculty of Moscow Mining Institute. Doctor of Economis.


Boris Luzin has passed through all stages of his professional experience: from a technician-operator, mine director, chief engineer of “KazZoloto” concern, Chairman of the Board of “Yubileynoe” LLP to the Founder of “ABS Group” Group of Companies and the Sole Founder of more than 15 companies in such fields as subsoil management, agriculture industry, civil engineering, medicine and etc.

It is a rare occasion when a military conscript is highly distinguished. Boris Luzin was awarded with a medal “For Military Virtue” while doing military service (1969-1971).

Every geologist knows well the high value of this award: in 2001 Luzin B.S. was awarded with a certificate and a lapel pin “Discoverer of Mineral Deposit of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

This inestimable award in the professional world was given for discovering a deposit. These are the most valuable awards for Boris Stepanovich as well as the other medals and titles.

For many years of productive activity, contributing to the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan,  on the Independence Day of our country, in December 2017, Luzin Boris Stepanovich was awarded the Order of Public Recognition and the nominal cutlass "Honorary Citizen of Kazakhstan".

He is a box master. He lives a healthy lifestyle and always encourages all his colleagues and friends to do the same!

Luzin B.S. is a perfect family man. And he considers the family as one of nature masterpieces

And he compares his life with riding a bicycle: you have to keep on moving in order to keep the balance!

He always strives for success, believing that otherwise you commonly may loose.

Boris Stepanovich thinks that the life is a fairy-tale which is written by people for themselves.

Luzin B.S. has a very interesting and original mentality. For example, he thinks that a person gets the best experience when he makes mistakes. And the mistakes of the past are the wisdom of the future!

It is difficult to quarrel with this statement!

Luzin B.S. has built a real residential community Altyndy in Aktyubinsk oblast region with a school, kindergarten, dormitory, hotel, cottages for specialists and workers.

Luzin Boris Stepanovich made a great pre-new-year gift for the local residents of Shoyindykol (former – Titovo) village in Zharkainsk district of Akmola  region – he sponsored with his own money the mobile communications for people who have been waiting for this for many years!